I'm an huge fan and avid watcher of The Great British Bake Off. There is something magical about this wholesome, heart-warming show. Competitors support each other even as they all strive to win. It is easy to believe that they are friends, especially as even the judges seem sad to see a contestant leave at the end of each weekend. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking shows, whether they focus on competitions or demonstrations, but this show is the first that consistently leaves me happier after I've watched it.

One of my favorite seasons is number three (released as number ___ in the states), and features a competitor named Brendan. His bakes were consistently good, perhaps because he was older than many of the other contestants and had more experience. He mentioned he was trying to bake bread from every country, and I thought it sounded like a fun challenge. It certainly provided him with advantages as he competed in GBBO: the knowledge of other countries baking techniques was especially handy in a few technical challenges.

I decided that, in addition to baking a few of the more interesting (but not too horribly complicated) challenges from GBBO, I, too, would attempt to bake something from every country (though I'm not limiting my challenge to bread).

Thus, my "bake the planet" challenge was born. I hope you will enjoy reading the stories of my journey.